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Today, many solutions are offered for people who have problems such as hair loss, thinning and baldness. It is a very challenging process to choose the most suitable solution for you among these solutions. It is necessary to evaluate many different criteria such as application method, prices, application centers and experts. Prolonging the decision time means that the person will struggle with the problems related to baldness psychologically and sociologically. Those who want to make a faster decision and put them to life as soon as possible are mostly among the options of hair transplantation and hair prosthesis. Both methods are preferred because they are more permanent and provide a realistic visual. But there are major and minor differences.


Hair Transplant? Hair Prosthesis?


Hair transplant procedures continue to give hope to those who suffer from baldness with the development of technology. However, despite all these efforts, hair transplantation has some disadvantages. The main disadvantages are the high probability of hair loss after stem cell transfer, and the sparse appearance of hair stem cells that can hold. In order to achieve the desired appearance, the number of people who apply the hair simulation method on this application is substantially high. In such preferred methods, there are losses both financially and in terms of time. Considering all these issues, serious questions arise in the minds of people who want to have hair transplantation. Both the fact that it is a surgical intervention and the possibility of not achieving the desired success cause people to have reservations about this issue.


In Hair Prosthesis procedures, the result is evident from the very beginning. The person can achieve the desired results, especially with the applications made by the centers where experts are in the body. In this application, the fact that there are maintenance periods causes people who want the method to think. After the application, you should definitely have this care done in your home as a result of the trainings taken by the experts at the centers or by the experts for an average of 3-6 weeks.


Of course, all these practices continue to be developed to enable the person to lead a more comfortable and comfortable life psychologically and sociologically. It would be best to investigate thoroughly and determine the most appropriate method for you by meeting with experts on the subject. Ensuring the permanence of the subsequent application will be directly related to care and attention. As a result, the contribution of this situation to both the private life and social life of someone who is satisfied with the image he sees when he looks in the mirror is great. There is no doubt that confident and self-confident individuals will experience the convenience of this situation in terms of expressing themselves in the society and imposing themselves on the society.


Hair transplantation is a surgical intervention, and hair prosthesis is a method applied without pain or pain. This is one of the main differences. Then the success rates in the applications draw attention. Finally, among all these methods, the most suitable method will be found and applied. If all advantages and disadvantages are taken into consideration seriously, both physiologically and psychologically, material and moral losses will be prevented to a great extent.


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