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Beard Transplant Procedure in Turkey

Beard and Mustache Transplantation; familial factors, genetic makeup, accidents or miscellaneous who do not grow beard in certain parts of the face due to diseases or To ensure that people with missing beards have a smoother looking beard In order to transfer the grafts taken from the donor area to the areas where there is no beard Beard transplant operations lasting about 2-3 hours, 24 can be applied to anyone with good general health after the age of is a microsurgery operation. Since beard transplantation is performed under local anesthesia, the operation No pain is felt during it. The roots in your face and neck area If insufficient, different parts of the body can also be used as donor sites.

It is an operation that takes approximately 2 – 3 hours depending on the number of roots to be planted. Skin channels on it are called “micro punch” with a diameter of 0.6 – 0.7 mm. It opens with needles. In this way, there is no operation scar. As in hair transplantation, after beard transplantation, the patient is in the hospital. no need to sleep. Beard growing after the second week, with scissors can be shortened. Again, after the second week, the so-called shock spill is taking place. After the shock shedding, the whole beard transplanted 4 – 8 months pops out between. After the operation, where the roots are it is recommended to shave the beard after 1 month so that it can hold.

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Who Can Have a Beard Transplant?

The person who decides to transplant beard and mustache should be examined first and If he is experiencing beard loss, he should learn the reason for this. Beard cultivation The general health status of the people who will have it done is also in place required. Beard formation, in some men with puberty while the formation of beard in some men can begin at an advanced age. For this reason, people who want to transplant beard, except for a few exceptions, It is expected to be over the age of 24. The important thing here is that your patient really the area is stout or sparse. Your beard at an early age people who want to have transplantation thinking that they will not come out and will not, must decide very carefully, without being sure of the leathery beard should not add.

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In Which Cases Beard Transplantation Can it be done?

  • Congenital stool due to genetic predisposition, Sparse beard problem,
  • For those who have gaps in the beard and mustache area due to burns or cuts,
  • In case of permanent beard loss, Beard transplantation when it is desired to change or correct the beard shape operation can be done.

Before Beard Transplantation Points

  • Before beard transplantation, beard analysis to check suitability for transplantation It is recommended. How many roots are needed for planting in beard analysis, The planting places of these roots are determined.
  • Since the beard transplantation operation is performed on the face area, it is a very sensitive is an operation
  • On the day of the operation, choose loose-fitting, easy-to-wear clothes. § If possible, quit smoking a few days before the operation. Also try to reduce the oxygen in your blood, smoking new hair It is very harmful to your roots.

How to Make Beard Transplantation?

Examination and planning of beard transplantation is performed. Needed for beard transplantation After performing the inspection, what How many grafts will be planted in the area and the donor to collect these hair follicles decides the area. Blood to the patient for various tests and tests before the operation test is done. Before the beard transplant operation, the health status of the patient Blood tests and various tests are performed to be controlled. Local The donor area where the grafts will be collected is numbed by anesthesia. Beard Before transplantation, the donor area where grafts will be collected it is numbed with the help of anesthetic drugs. Fear of surgery or needles Sedation is used for people with fear. It is necessary to wait 15-20 minutes for local anesthesia to take effect. Grafts are collected one by one thanks to the FUE method. In beard transplantation The commonly used method is the FUE method. In the Fue method Grafts that are loosened with the help of micromotor device are collected one by one and It is prepared to be transported to the region to be made. This process will collect it can take 1-2 hours depending on the amount of graft. The collected grafts channel opening process is performed for placing. Your grafts After the collection of the grafts in the previously determined area micro holes are drilled for placement. The diameter of these holes is approximately one is up to the graft. In the grooving process, the angle, depth and direction of the opened channels It is very important for its natural appearance. Beard with grafts placed cultivation is carried out. The grafts made ready for transplantation are It is placed one by one into the channels opened by gently holding it with a medical instrument. October The process is completed in this way. Post-operative transplant area not bandaged. Beard transplantation is very important due to the sensitivity of the facial area. It is an operation that should be done carefully. To be used in operation punch ends of the micromotor or the channels opened for sowing larger than necessary, postoperative complications in the face area may cause it to occur.

Beard Transplantation and After

After the procedure is completed, beard transplantation due to coagulated blood the region where it is made is seen in red. Made after 24 or 48 hours With cleaning, the coagulated beards begin to be seen now. Since the body will nourish the transplanted beard roots, blood flow occurs. These blood flows disappear within 1-2 weeks. This Acne can be seen in the transplantation area during the period, this situation is normal.

The age range of men who have a beard transplant will not be fixed. Modern beard transplantation is performed on the area to be locally anesthetized. So the person being treated does not feel pain during the transplant. Most men in our country The purpose of beard transplantation is the social oppression and, lately, attracting more and more women’s attention, It is the bearded male trend that makes it step forward. The method similar to hair transplantation is different from hair transplantation. It is made with pricing. The reason is from the hair follicles of the beard roots. it is done with a more rigorous working area. Actually, this method is a facial hair transplant. referred to as the method; Because not a full beard, but rather hair similar hair transplants are performed. These new beards become thick and hard over time takes the bristle structure. Of course, regular and careful shaving after beard transplantation provides hardening in the form of a feather by strengthening the roots.

Healing Process After Beard Transplantation

Completion of the healing process after the beard transplantation and the old beard It takes 1 year for it to appear in its natural form. Beard cultivation the first 10 days after the opening, closing of the opened channels, newly planted hair the adaptation of the roots, the scab of the hair roots and the It follows the pouring with washes. Immediately after that, a natural The transplanted beards will fall into the shock shedding process, which is the process. comes to begin. Shock shedding process is a normal process and hair loss In a short time, it starts to grow more smoothly. Shock loss in beard transplantation varies from person to person, but transplantation It can start with the 2nd week and last up to the 2nd month. Shock shedding Immediately after the process, the grafts begin to grow in a normal course. The healing process after beard transplantation is not a process to be feared. If sensitivity is shown to the points to be considered after transplantation 3 The most important part of the healing process with washing after the day period, almost 70% of it will be overcome. Use of antibiotics At the end of the 1 week process with the healing process of the needle-sized channels is completed.1 After monthly sensitivity, hair follicles regenerated with shock shedding, short It will start to lengthen in a while. recovery after beard transplant The most important part is the first 1 week process. Opening for placing grafts the channels are not healed yet, that is, the placed grafts are has not adapted. Therefore, warnings to be made especially after transplantation and Following the rules with precision, the beard will grow without root loss it is very important to get started.

To Be Considered After Beard Transplantation Points

Beard Transplantation is a little more sensitive than hair transplantation because it is applied to the face area. is an operation. Beard transplantation operations are much less than hair transplantation Although it is made with a large number of grafts, the skin structure in the face area is The healing process after beard transplantation as it is much more sensitive than the skin It takes a little longer and requires care.

Compliance After Beard Transplantation Required Rules:

 First 3 Days:

  • Beard Transplantation is an operation that takes 3-6 hours. After beard transplantation will assist the person who will leave the hospital standing next to him It is preferred to have one.
  • On the first day, the face should be pressed forward to prevent swelling and bruising. it is recommended not to bend correctly.
  • Do not smoke or use alcohol for the first 3 days after the beard transplant.
  • Do not touch the planting area with water. Do not wash the planted area. First Washing will be done 2-3 days later by your hair transplant center.
  • Especially on the first day, the transplanted grafts remain free in the canals and Note that it can be dislodged with a little friction.
  • You should sleep on your back, especially for the first 3 days.

First 1 Week:

  • Use the medicines and antibiotics given after the beard transplant regularly.
  • Perform the washing process after the beard transplant as shown to you.
  • Healing wounds can cause itching on your face, Do not scratch your face.

First 3 Months:

The shock spill process that will start after the first month is temporary and normal. Do not worry. After shedding, grafts grow naturally. will start.

  • You should not shave for the first 3 months. To shave after 3 months you can start.

How to Count Roots in Beard Transplantation Determines?

Between 350 and 500 roots for a mustache in an average person, 600 to 700 roots for a full goatee, 200 to 250 roots for favorite and 300 to 700 roots for cheek beard

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10th Day After Hair Transplantation

The biggest concern of those who want to have a hair transplant is how their appearance will be after the procedure. Don't worry, hair transplant scars disappear in 10 days.

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